work hard for the fun

Yes, that is me getting ready to hurl myself down the snow run in a tube. Great fun! And what a fun way to get some exercise this weekend. Not only did I hurl my body down the slope, I also had to walk back up. As I told one kid complaining about the walk up, “you gotta work hard for the fun.” It was all worth it.

Working hard for the fun is sort of like trying to lose weight. For me, the ultimate goal is to be thin and healthy so that I can enjoy doing fun things like snowboarding, surfing, and all those sports that require some serious strength. I also want to have more fun! Life is passing me by and I’m still sitting around watching TV.

Eating has been on track and now I have to get back into my workouts. The sun is coming up earlier and I can feel summer just around the corner. That’s enough to get me out the door and ready for some new challenges.



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