I haven’t posted here in a while because I’ve been hand writing in a paper journal – old school type journaling. It helps when I want to be accountable to what I’ve chosen to eat. It’s been important as I try to make the switch to the Keto diet. 

When I looked at my go-to foods that have been instrumental in my weight-gain, I saw the two culprits as carbs and sugar. I focused so much on low-fat that I was eating too many grams of carbs and sugar to make up the the lack of fat in my food. I wasn’t losing weight. I found that non-fat greek yogurt is the worst…until you add honey. I started trying more full-fat foods (full-fat plain yogurt is so yummy!) and found that I was eating less sugar.

When I started talking about full-fat on social media, many friends told me about the Keto diet. I could eat my favorite foods and be healthy, and maybe lose weight. So I did my research and decided to try it for one month. 

Every blog, website or social media post warned me about how sick I would feel the first week as I greatly reduced my intake of carbs and sugar. I got a little tired but I was eating all that yummy fat and I was loving it! Eggs for breakfast every morning! Real mayonnaise in my tuna for lunch! Almonds, half-and-half, Brussels sprouts with all the olive oil! And cheese. Oh, cheese was in my diet again. It was wonderful. I was cooking more and eating out less and enjoying it! I made it through that month and then some. 

But then I started getting tired of eating the same foods. I tried Keto recipes to add variety, and some bread substitutes I was missing like crackers and just bread slices. One morning I just couldn’t eat another egg. I love eggs with cheese and butter and I was eating it every damn morning. Too much of a good thing. So I broke down and bought my favorite frozen waffles (Van’s Protein Waffles) and enjoyed them with some almond butter and blueberries. I thought I would try it for one day but that day turned into weeks and I ate way too much sugar and carbs – I went back to my comfort foods when I switched jobs. I felt like crap. 

The new full-time job had a giant bowl of candy near my desk. It’s for the students and for the first couple of weeks I avoided that bowl. But after the waffle, the bowl would be next. Damn you mini Reese’s peanut butter cups! I began the negotiations – just enjoy carbs and sugar for a day or two and then you can go back to Keto again. That was 7 weeks ago. I had to combat the bowl of candy and the carbs that loved: fries, bread, and chips.

I tried a few times but would fail by the time I went to the gym in the evenings. I justified it by needing carbs for my workout. Yeah, I didn’t need 5 mini Reese’s peanut butter cups for my workout. Every day was a failure. And when I failed, I would eat more carbs and sugar. A sugar-induced cycle and I still felt like crap.

I decided to try one more time. I thought about how great I felt before with more energy, better brain power, and no allergy issues. I wanted to feel that way again and the only way was to go back to a Keto diet. It’s Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, and I’ve now lasted over 2 days. I threw in Intermittent Fasting each night and have felt amazing since. The big challenge will be tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, but I feel like I can take on that challenge. 

The Keto diet isn’t for everyone. I would recommend doing extensive research and talking to your doctor. This is what worked for me. 

Now, let’s all get healthy!