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Aspen is one of my favorite places in the world and I try to go at least once a year for inspiration and rejuvenation. As I pursue a path to a healthier and happier life, I find that I sometimes have to work hard to have that kind of life. I find that the more I do it the easier it gets to make choices that are important for a work/life balance.

To start the year off, I spent the holiday weekend cooking healthy meals to freeze or eat during the week. I love to cook but I never make the time. Eating out was boring so I found some recipes, made myself go to the store and spent this very cold weekend cooking.  I made butternut squash chili, pumpkin cornbread, black bean enchiladas, spanish rice, oatmeal, and egg white breakfast sandwiches. All with healthy options.

A new year gives us an opportunity to reflect and to make changes. It is a yearly do-over button. Every year I say I’m going to lose weight, do a triathlon and lead a healthy lifestyle. Some years I do a triathlon, some years I do lose weight and some years I live a healthy lifestyle. I didn’t do any of them this past year. It was a difficult year and I chose to eat my sorrow. I can only grieve for so long and now it’s time to lose weight, do a Half Ironman triathlon and lead a consistently healthy lifestyle that includes mindfulness, happiness, healthy eating and creativity. I think this blog will be all of those things.


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