“Now, go find your team and get to work.” – Leslie Knope

LOSS (cancer sucks)

I reimagined this website late last year after losing another friend to cancer. She was the fifth close friend I’d lost to cancer in four years. I was devestated and needed to focus my grief into something positive.

Over the past 17 years, this blog has been used to write about training for five (5) sprint triathlons, 2 half-marathons, 2 MS 150 bike rides, and hiking the Inca Trail. These challenges have helped me lose weight and get in shape. However, after completing these challenges, I gain weight back  and fall back into unhealthy routines.

I’m not a natural athlete and find it difficult to push myself but I usually find a way. Now, I want to accomplish something even greater and beyond my own expectations. I want to complete a half-ironman in 2019. And I want this to be a yearly challenge so that I can maintain a healthy lifestyle, challenge myself and help raise money for cancer research and support.

I’m overweight. I need a new bike. I need new running shoes. I am lazy. I am strong. I crave cinnamon rolls. I love salads. I hate running. I love swimming and have learned to enjoy cycling (even after sitting on a bike for 150+ miles). And now it’s time find my team and get to work.

Want to join me?

I’m looking for people to train along with me, share training tips and inspiring stories on the blog, and raise money for a good cause: cancer research and support.