I’ve completed five sprint triathlons in the last few years. I hate running. I love swimming and cycling. I’ve only used a wetsuit once and found it, um, challenging. I’m not a natural athlete and find it difficult to push myself but I usually find a way because I want to accomplish something beyond my own expectations. I want to complete a half-ironman by 2018, which is coming up way too soon. I’m overweight. I need a new bike. I love the rain, especially on race day. I am lazy. I am strong. I crave cinnamon rolls. I love salads. I’m training for a half-ironman triathlon. I rock.

I reimagined this website to focus my grief into something positive. I’ve lost too many friends and family members to cancer, especially in the past few years. I want to get healthy, do something beyond my own expectations and help to #fightcancer.

Want to join me?

I’m looking for people to train along with me, share training tips and inspiring stories. And, raise money for cancer research through my Crowdrise campaign. Train for a triathlon and help with cancer research!

Contact me through the form below if you have any questions.